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2022 SUMMER 


H.E.E.A.T. is so excited to introduce this year's coaching staff!

HEAD COACH ~ Isabel Child

Isabel is returning to Heeat after having coached in 2019 with us.  She is now a graduate of The University of Windsor's Faculty of Education!  She has many years experience helping and working with children.  She was the head coach of Essex Thunder U13 hockey team and has lots of experience in the school setting working with children of all abilities. 

ASSISTANT COACH ~ Grace Pettypiece

Grace has been participating in competitive swimming for over 7 years with the Leamington Lasers as well as, swimming with HEEAT in her earlier years.  In addition to her NLS she is a qualified swim instructor at the Nature Fresh Center, where she enjoys teaching children how to swim.



Abbey is excited to take to the pool deck this year and reverse the roles.  She has been a HEEAT swimmer for the last 7 years and is now excited to start her adventures with coaching. She has swan for 3 years on her high school swim team and has completed her Assistant Instructor course. 








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