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THANK YOU to all our sponsors and supporters!


Harrow Electric Eels Aquatics Team wishes to thank the many sponsors with their generous donations of money to support our program and our supporters who donated raffle prizes for our swim meet held at the Gesstwood Camp.


H.E.E.A.T. had a very successful summer with many highlights for each participant as well as for the entire team.  We had a lot of fun at all of the meets providing a winning experience for all involved.

The following major sponsors supported us in various ways so we were able to provide a program with a low registration fee for eight weeks of swimming at least 3 times a week:




Harrow Rotary



Harrow Kinsmen

On the Docks

Blake Clifford Memorial Golf Tournament


At our swim meet, we had successful raffle tables that raised funds to help offset the cost of hosting these events.  The following are those who provided generous prize donations:




Harrow Electric Eels Aquatics Team also wishes to acknowledge and thank all of our volunteer parents and helpers for the numerous hours and skills provided that help to make our team the success that it is.  The parents, siblings, friends, family members and high school volunteers who helped out with our swim meet were all crucial in making the day an awesome one.  Even the littlest job was necessary to make our swim meet one of the best in Essex & Kent Counties.



A huge thank you also goes to Jim Lonsbery.  His generous donation of the use of his pool for our practices is invaluable.  We could not have a team without this.  It is greatly appreciated.

H.E.E.A.T. Executive


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